The Federal Budget: A Missed Opportunity

The Federal Budget: A Missed Opportunity

11 May 2023

Labor’s Budget is a missed opportunity.

Rather than addressing the cause of the cost-of-living pressures felt by all South Australians, the government is just putting band aids on the symptoms.

What we really need the government to do is get inflation under control. When this happens, the price of power, groceries, and everything else can stop going up exponentially and the reserve bank can stop raising interest rates.

This is the best way to help those who are struggling to pay the bills.

Instead, Labor’s extra $185 billion of spending means there is more money in the economy, which leads to higher inflation.

Economists predict this will force the RBA to continue to do the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing inflation down which, unfortunately, means more interest rate rises.

Labor’s Budget confirms:

  • Real wages will keep decreasing – meaning wages will continue to not keep up with inflation
  • Mortgages will stay high – and likely get higher
  • Gas and electricity bills will continue to rise – even for those getting “relief”

In fact, a typical Australian family with kids will be $25,000 worse off under the Albanese Labor Government.

Australians need the government to stop making inflation worse, leaving them to pay the price.