Devastating Blow to Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass

Devastating Blow to Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass

17 Nov 2023

This week, the Albanese Government announced they were scrapping the funding for the Truro Bypass, a vital next step towards the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass to get heavy trucks off Portrush Road and out of our suburbs.

This is an enormous blow to all of us who use Portrush Road on a daily basis and want the heavy trucks that lead to congestion and safety risk to take a different route around the back of the Adelaide Hills.

While Truro is geographically quite a distance from the east and north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide, this project was part of a broader suite of upgrades called the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass, which were designed to get heavy freight trucks off suburban roads.

As our community knows too well, the number of large trucks using Portrush Road each day is unacceptable and causes significant safety concerns for local drivers and pedestrians, including the thousands of school students attending the various schools along the road.

Our community has waited long enough for progress on this matter and this decision by the Albanese Labor Government will mean that heavy trucks will continue to rumble down Portrush Road for the foreseeable future.

The Truro Bypass is absolutely vital to South Australia’s infrastructure and this disastrous decision has set progress on this issue back by decades.

I spoke in the Federal Parliament on this matter earlier this week. You can watch my speech on my YouTube channel by clicking here.