Getting trucks off Portrush Road

Getting trucks off Portrush Road

29 Aug 2023

Heavy freight vehicles travelling along Portrush Road are a safety hazard and contribute to traffic congestion along this neighbourhood thoroughfare. It is ridiculous that the National Highway One funnels through the suburbs of Adelaide - something that no other capital city has to endure.

Too frequently we are confronted with serious accidents and, tragically, at times fatalities. The only solution to these safety issues, as well as the inefficiencies of freight movement, is to redirect heavy vehicles off Portrush Road.

There is a sensible proposal to create a new freight corridor around the back of the Adelaide Hills so that these vehicles can bypass Portrush and instead head from Murray Bridge up to Truro and then across to Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

The previous Coalition Government commenced the process of investing in this solution with funding committed to the Truro Bypass Project. Unfortunately, this project has been put on hold by the new Albanese Government and I fear for its survival.

We must see Truro progressed, and a commitment to the broader investment in the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass. I will continue to fight for this funding and secure an outcome that gets heavy freight off Portrush Road and out of our suburban road network.