Nuclear Energy: cheaper, cleaner and consistent electricity for Australia

Nuclear Energy: cheaper, cleaner and consistent electricity for Australia

19 Jun 2024

Today, the Coalition announced our plan for cheaper, cleaner, and consistent energy.

A future Coalition Government will introduce zero-emissions nuclear technology into the energy mix with renewables and gas. This is a realistic and pragmatic approach to deliver a net-zero electricity grid by 2050 while building a resilient and strong economy.

As part of this plan, the Coalition has identified seven sites to build zero-emissions nuclear power plants. One of these sites is in South Australia, with the Northern Power Station at Port Augusta being identified as a site for a Small Modular Reactor (SMR).

Local communities will benefit from the high paying jobs offered by these projects, developing a multi-generational and highly skilled workforce vital to secure our energy future.

We need reliable, baseload power as our coal power plants retire in the years ahead. Nuclear provides a sensible, emissions-free replacement to coal generation.

South Australia has the world’s largest deposits of uranium. We are embracing the construction of nuclear-powered submarines in Adelaide. Further engaging in the opportunities that the nuclear generation industry offers is a logical next step.

I strongly support this plan that will deliver cheaper, cleaner and consistent energy for our households, businesses and our nation.