Resourcing bushfire prevention and backing our volunteers

Resourcing bushfire prevention and backing our volunteers

29 Aug 2023

The January 2023 bushfire near Blackhill in Montacute, though contained thanks to the hard work of the CFS, was a timely reminder of the fire risk facing the foothill suburbs in my electorate.

As the Ash Wednesday bushfires forty years ago will always remind us, we have to be constantly vigilant and prepared for the worst while we hope for the best.

I appreciate the more than 800 people who have signed my petition calling for sufficient funding for prescribed burning. We must ensure that CFS brigades and other community groups are adequately supported to reduce fuel load and ensure that bushfires can be quickly brought under control.

Launched with my state colleagues John Gardner and Jack Batty, the purpose of this petition is to highlight the community’s expectation that adequate funding is provided for prescribed burning. This is one of the most effective tools our emergency services have to manage fuel loads and reduce the risk of major bushfires.

Our brave volunteer fire fighters who put their lives in danger to keep our community safe from bushfires deserve adequate funding, and the support for the petition demonstrates that the community strongly supports this.